NiccoFeem x Marc 2Ray “Perspectives”

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Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter/Activist

About Marc 2Ray

Undeniable relatability with ear-worming classic lyricism highlights Marc 2Ray’s latest album Fresh Air. Marc’s story is one of a performer hailing from the suburbs of Washington, DC, with a vision of how hip-hop can engender change via its local, national, and global appeal. He’s an empathetic creative — when not rapping, he is a therapist for special needs children and considers establishing scholarship funds for youths on the special needs spectrum as an ideal goal.

Of note, he also counts a jazz pianist, rocket scientist, plus a genocide survivor and Holocaust rescuer as his relatives. This inspired “1915” (a song entirely dedicated to remembering the legacies of those harmed by the Armenian genocide), which has become Marc’s most impactful song to date, leading to worldwide renown (Voice of America interviews, global radio placements), and even a live performance in Times Square.

“I want to make the listener think and want to start the song again right after to see if they can pick up on the twist,” 2Ray says regarding his most favorite part of being a rapper. Moreover, he continues, “in a popular Top 40 world filled with songs-as-commercially dominant spaghetti westerns, I want to make a space where my unique song-as-Chris Nolan’s ‘Westworld’ idea has appeal.” He says, “What I do is exhilarating. I’m a storyteller motivated by my dreams, who knows how to make listeners think.”